Compete+ programme

Compete+ programme

Compete + is a comprehensive Functional Fitness Programme that maximises a competitive athletes potential.

The focus is to produce high place finishes at quarter-finals, semi finals and other leading events.

Our Compete + intricate programme design offers athletes an opportunity to enhance strength, skill and energy system development while being educated to become an autonomous athlete.

How many sessions per week?

7-10 sessions a week (90-120 mins each)

Programme details

‍Throughout the year there will be the following key points of interest:

Sport specific skill development pathways, designed to teach you the fundamentals of gymnastics and Olympic Weightlifting.

Barbell cycling & pacing strategies

Muscle endurance development in line with the sport's functional volume.

Absolute strength development required to support the dynamic nature of the sport.

When training to compete in the sport of fitness, whilst complex, the functional requirements of the training programme are fixed for us by our end goal.

We will enable you to manage and organise your efforts and strategies in order to thrive within the chaos of the sport.

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