Train programme

Train programme

The Train Programme is heavily influenced by our key compound movements, epitomising our move well, get strong & increase capacity core principles.

The perfect introduction to the skill based exercises found in functional fitness whilst being underpinned by traditional strength and conditioning principles.

It is for those wanting to be challenged with new movements and will ready you for both life and competition outside of the gym.

How many sessions per week?

5-6 sessions a week (60-75 mins each)

Programme details

The programme consists of the following sessions:

3 x Strength
1 x Aerobic Capacity
1 x Mixed-Modal
1 x Active recovery (optional)

Throughout the year you will be exposed to learning skills such as Toes to Bar and Power Cleans alongside progressing both strength and fitness.

The programme will provide the tools needed to compete in events such as HYROX, Turf Games, NFG, ATHX etc.

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